Urinalysis quality control program

Review your urinalysis quality control information
at a glance with UA Quantrol.

Our Urinalysis Quantrol Program is a database for Dipper, Dropper, Dropper Plus, Dip&Spin and QuanTscopics urinalysis controls. This program meets CLIA regulations for documenting laboratory control performance. An interlaboratory comparison report is provided at no charge (participating labs can monitor test performance and analyze trends). This report is matched to the color changes on reagent test strips for easy interpretation.

The Quantrol urinalysis quality control program can also be used to report QC results from confirmatory tests, hCG (pregnancy) tests, specific gravity by refractometry, and microscopic evaluation. Precoded optical scan forms are available to simplify recording daily quality control data points and to create a graphic representation of the monthly results for each analyte in a Levy-Jennings format.



  • Results graphically depicted in a Levy-Jennings format
  • Out-of-range results are clearly flagged for review
  • Review all your urinalysis results including confirmatory tests such as Ictotest, Acetest, Clinitest, and specific gravity by refractometry
  • Compare your urine microscopic quality control and hCG results to a representative peer group