Quantrol® Online

For Urinalysis Products Use UA Quantrol

Explore the world of online quality control with Quantrol Online. Instant, live, intralaboratory control information and peer group statistics right at your fingertips.

Quantrol Online introduces a revolutionary internet based format for review of quality control information. Why rely on traditional quality control data management systems with long report turnaround times, when you can enjoy the benefits of instantaneous results?


  • Instantaneous Reporting - receive up to the minute, live, quality control information the moment you log on
  • Accessibility - review and enter your quality control information at any time of the month and still instantly obtain current peer comparison
  • Error-free Reports - our centralized database manages and error checks all data entries, flagging any results outside established parameters
  • Extra Reporting Options - simply provide data in summary format or submit via daily entry
  • Customized Reports - receive a detailed custom report highlighting intralaboratory and peer group statistics