Total Lipids Control

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective
  • Lyophilized, human serum-based
  • 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • 7-day reconstituted stability when stored at 2 – 8º C*

Total Lipids Control is a comprehensive lipid control – it monitors the performance of major lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoprotein assay methods. Designed for use with most major chemistry analyzers including AU® Series, Dimension,® Hitachi,®Synchron® and Vitros.® We provide HDL values for direct HDL methods and HDL precipitation methods: Dextran Sulfate 50,000 MW. Apolipoprotein A-1 and B values are established using an IFCC standardized immunoturbidimetric method.

Total Lipids Control Analytes*
Apolipoprotein A1, 
Apolipoprotein A2, 
Apolipoprotein B,
 Apolipoprotein C2, Apolipoprotein C3, 
Apolipoprotein E, HDL, LDL, Lp(a), Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride

Catalog NumberProductSize
1741-101 Total Lipids Control, Level 1 10x2 mL
1742-101Total Lipids Control, Level 210x2 mL
1743-101 Total Lipids Control, Level 310x2 mL

*Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims

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